Tas Cru reads and plays The Doggone Blues

Eine musikalische Lesung.

Tas Cru

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„Bad Dog Bubba“ (2019) -„The Doggone Blues Band“ (2020) – „Muddy The Waters“ (2021) Das ist die Trilogie, die der amerikanische Singer/Songwriter Tas Cru geschrieben hat. Anlässlich seiner Tournee wird er eine musikalische Lesung exklusiv in Alberts Huus in Bremerhaven veranstalten. (English spoken).

Textprobe: Finally, in this the last book of the Blues Dogs Trilogy, Bad Dog Bubba, the Blood-Rhymes-With- Dude Hound is thrilled that his dream to form his all dog blues band has come true! With the help of his friends – the energetic and upbeat Scooter, Betsy Ann the clever and determined former circus dog, and the dog-talking, bass-playing young woman BClef, the Doggone Blues Band is ready and eager to play the music that he loves!